CDA Eastland Price Increases for September – October

CDA Eastland price increases for October

Sentinal Group Pty Ltd has issued a price rise effective 01/10/2016 of 3-5%.
Sentinal Group Pty Ltd are best known for;
•    Security and Tamper evident fixings as well as Specialty Fasteners for Aesthetic applications
•    Machine screws, self tappers, self drilling screws, type17 / wood screws, concrete acnchors, security nuts, barrel nuts, caps & enclosures and tooling Continue reading

August – September 2016 Price Increase Notifications

CDA Eastland price increases for September

Bostik Pty Ltd has issued a price rise effective 01/09/2016 of 3-5%.
Bostik Pty Ltd are best known for;
•    Seal n Flex 1, Seal n Flex FC, Fireban One, Firecaulk & No More Nails
•    Flex-E-Duct, Roof and Gutter Silicon, Sanitary & Tile silicone & Anchorweld
•    Ultraset, Anchorweld, Bog, Ultragrip, Flowfill Grout GP & Contact Bond Continue reading

July – August 2016 Price Increase Notifications

CDA Eastland price increases for August

Glacier Ceiling Battens Pty Ltd has issued a price rise effective 01/08/2016 of 3-5%. Glacier Ceiling Battens Pty Ltd are best known for;

•    Ceiling Battens, Roof Battens, Stair Stringers, Builders Strapping, Standard Post Supports, Rod Stem Post Support, Heavy Duty Post Supports, Tradie Trestles, Stainless Steel Post Supports Continue reading

CDA Eastland Newcastle Branch is Moving

On Monday 1st August we will be trading from our new premises at 38 Clyde Street, Hamilton North NSW. Don’t miss out on a great morning at the new CDAETS Newcastle premises. Join us for a BBQ breakfast and supplier demonstrations on site on the day. Continue reading

About the new Australian standard ATS-EVO for Seismic Anchors


CDAETS in partnership with Iccons is proud to offer a range of highly approved adhesive and mechanical anchors that fully comply with Australia’s NEW CODE.

As of the 23rd December 2015, the Australian Construction Industry now has a formal specification for the Design, Installation and Assessment of Post-installed Anchors.

Australia’s new standard, “SA TS 101:2015 Design of post-installed and cast-in fastenings for use in concrete”, covers post installed chemical anchors, mechanical anchors and cast-in anchors used in concrete for all safety-critical applications.

The 2016 NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CODE comes into effect on the 1st of May 2016 and directly references SA TS 101:2015.

CDAETS is a proud Australian supplier of National Code Compliant Anchors across both Adhesive and Mechanical anchors and see these new regulations as a significant step forward for the Australian Construction Market and the safety of everyone.

Avoid complications and headaches when selecting anchors DON’T RISK IT …talk to CDAETS about Cracked Concrete approved, NCC compliant products.


CDAETS and ICCONS® embrace New “World’s Best Practice” classifications for performance evaluation of Seismic Anchors.

The seismic qualification of anchors has been regulated in Europe since the publication of the ETAG001 Annex E guideline at the beginning of 2013. Anchors subject to this new certification procedure must now include all the required seismic structural technical data in the ETA (European Technical Assessment).

ICCONS®, the first company to provide Australia and New Zealand with a complete range of C1 and C2 Heavy Duty fixings for Structural Applications in Seismic Risk applications and projects. ICCONS® has pioneered the introduction of C1 and C2 certified Mechanical and Chemical anchors into Australia and NZ. Through a “Worlds Best practice” assessment, ICCONS® has collaborated with Friulsider, BBTEC and TOGE in making C1 and C2 certified fixing systems a reality for the Australian and NZ engineering fraternity.The suitability of the seismic load is classified as:

Seismic Category C1

Similar to the USA ICC-ES qualification procedure, it is only suitable for non-structural applications and comprises static tests on cracks up to 0.5mm.

  • Tested under Static or quasi-static loading
  • Suitable for Non-Structural Applications

Seismic Category C2

Mandatory for structural applications. It comprises strict dynamic tests with amplitude variation of the crack up to 0.8 mm and pulsating loads.

  • Tested under Dynamic and Cyclic Loading
  • Suitable for Structural Applications