CDA Eastland Trade Supplies offers a wide range of sealants for expansion joints and general sealing. Silicones, polyurethanes, polysulphides and acrylics are some of the sealant compounds available with standard or more specialised applications like anti fungal requirements for bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas. Fire rated sealants are common in construction and these are available in both acrylic and polyethene compounds. Brand names such as Fosroc's Flamex, Bostik's Firecaulk and Fireban One, Sika's Firerate and Soudal's Firecryl FR all commonly found on construction sites. Our range of adhesives is comprehensive and the material compounds are similar to the adhesives. Fillers play a large role in filling voids and joints. For an expansion joint it is important to keep the joint dimensions right to allow the material to perform at its peak. Backing rod in either open or closed cell is used to do this. Its normally round which is the preferred shape but some people do choose to use a square or a rectangular product. Other voids can be filled with joint fillers or expanding foams but these won't offer a long term moisture seal in some applications.

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Subcategories of Sealants adhesives and fillers

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SKU: 15020113
Item #: AS-SIC0300RGNTL
$9.19 $6.35 Each
Ex Tax: $5.78
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Item #: SIKA519842
$14.29 $14.19 Each
Ex Tax: $12.90
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Item #: SOUD121968
$17.00 Each
Ex Tax: $15.45
SKU: 121970
Item #: SOUD121970
$17.00 Each
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Item #: SOUD121969
$20.89 Each
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Item #: SOUD124435
$17.00 Each
Ex Tax: $15.45
Item #: BG37
$47.10 Each
Ex Tax: $42.81
Item #: CG300PRO
$34.11 Each
Ex Tax: $31.01
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Item #: SIKA519850
$14.29 Each
Ex Tax: $12.99
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Item #: SIKA519871
$23.30 $19.07 Each
Ex Tax: $17.34
Item #: AS-SIC0300RGNGY
$9.34 $6.19 Each
Ex Tax: $5.63
Item #: AS-GFC0300MPWH
$4.49 $3.70 Each
Ex Tax: $3.36
SKU: 519873
Item #: SIKA519873
$15.72 $15.70 Each
Ex Tax: $14.27
SKU: 15019525
Item #: AS-CAC0300SB
$5.17 $3.30 Each
Ex Tax: $3.00
Item #: CGMS300
$23.15 $15.04 Each
Ex Tax: $13.67
SKU: FC700983-UNIT
Item #: BRRO29
$3.06 Each
Ex Tax: $2.78
SKU: FC920100-600ML
Item #: PARCFC920100-600ML
$26.53 Each
Ex Tax: $24.12
SKU: 128371
Item #: SOUD128371
$19.33 Each
Ex Tax: $17.57
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Item #: AS-SIC0300BTNWH
$11.20 Each
Ex Tax: $10.18

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