Fosroc is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of high performance chemicals for the construction industry, with a particular focus on concrete and cement. But we don’t just supply world-renowned products, we deliver complete construction solutions – from advice and training to site support. A British heritage brand, Fosroc began over 80 years ago and has become the go-to name for construction companies, offering a wide range of products and brands including Nitoproof, Nitoseal, Proofex, Supercast, Conplast and Dekguard.


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SKU: FC302020-20KG
Item #: PARCFC302020-20KG
$85.32 Each
Ex Tax: $77.56
SKU: FC303030-20KG
Item #: PARCFC303030-20KG
$85.32 Each
Ex Tax: $77.56
SKU: FC302000-20KG
Item #: PARCFC302000-20KG
$104.70 Each
Ex Tax: $95.18
SKU: FC501000-20KG
Item #: PARCFC501000-20KG
$19.90 Each
Ex Tax: $18.09
SKU: FC022100-1L
Item #: PARCFC022100-1L
$164.95 Each
Ex Tax: $149.96
SKU: FC920100-600ML
Item #: PARCFC920100-600ML
$26.53 Each
Ex Tax: $24.12
SKU: FC501060-20KG
Item #: PARCFC501060-20KG
$77.48 Each
Ex Tax: $70.43
SKU: FC600909-20L
Item #: PARCFC600909-20L
$374.36 Each
Ex Tax: $340.32
SKU: FC920130-600ML
Item #: PARCFC920130-600ML
$26.53 Each
Ex Tax: $24.12
SKU: FC920121-600ML
Item #: PARCFC920121-600ML
$19.63 Each
Ex Tax: $17.85
SKU: FC501020-20KG
Item #: PARCFC501020-20KG
$33.80 Each
Ex Tax: $30.73
SKU: FC644444-20L
Item #: PARCFC644444-20L
$170.89 Each
Ex Tax: $155.36
SKU: FC322070-1L
Item #: PARCFC322070-1L
$66.59 Each
Ex Tax: $60.53
SKU: FC302030-20KG
Item #: PARCFC302030-20KG
$65.12 Each
Ex Tax: $59.20
SKU: FC000550-UNIT
Item #: PARCFC000550-UNIT
$259.65 Each
Ex Tax: $236.05
SKU: FC302000-15KG
Item #: PARCFC302000-15KG
$78.53 Each
Ex Tax: $71.39
SKU: FC965229-125ML
Item #: PARCFC965229-125ML
$45.66 Each
Ex Tax: $41.51
SKU: FC965230-125ML
Item #: PARCFC965230-125ML
$31.47 Each
Ex Tax: $28.61
SKU: FC000785-UNIT
Item #: PARCFC000785-UNIT
$69.44 Each
Ex Tax: $63.13
SKU: FC322070-5L
Item #: PARCFC322070-5L
$173.25 Each
Ex Tax: $157.50

CDA Eastland provides high-quality items and brands from FOSROC.

FOSROC's tremendous variety of goods is made available from our nine merchants strategically placed in Tuggerah and the Central Coast, Hamilton North and Beresfield in the Hunter Region & Newcastle, Port Macquarie & Coffs Harbour within the Mid North Coast, and Grafton & Maclean Valley in northern NSW. In Queensland you'll find the Brisbane sites. Brendale to the North region of Brisbane and Underwood (also known as Springwood or Slacks Creeks) by the Southern region, & Townsville in North Queensland which concludes our supply network.

With stores all along the East Coast of NSW and Queensland it tends to make life much simpler on-site as well as in your workplace.

Our sister businesses add to the CDA Eastlands organization. Nepean Boltmaster provide shops at Springvale within Melbourne, & Seven Hills & Penrith in Sydney.

When it comes to South Australia we're in a position to supply Adelaide sites via our shop at Burwood. At Mackay, QLD we've CCT Construction Supplies where Chris and his team is able to complete any gaps around Brisbane and Townsville.

Buy quality FOSROC goods today.

In case you have just about any enquiries about any one of the items on our site you are encouraged to get in touch - either by telephone, e-mail, or online chat.

CDA Eastlands welcoming staff have got quite a few decades shared knowledge in our market, and additionally we’re an Australian owned and operated organization.

We value every potential customer that comes to visit CDA Eastland Trade Supplies retail stores, looks for us on social media, or gets in contact with us. You're always in safe hands shopping from CDAETS.

CDAETS will be here to help you with each of your industrial specifications. CDA Eastland can provide a prompt worksite delivery each and every time.