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Allthread, threaded rod, booker bar, brooker bar continuous thread, the list goes on. These are a few of the name given to what we call Allthread.

Allthread is a cylindrical piece of metal or plastic which is threaded from one end to the other. The uses of allthread are almost endless. It is used in construction, engineering, machinery etc.

Allthread usually comes in diameters from 3mm up to around 48mm in metric. In the imperial configuration, it comes from 1/8 inch up to around 2 inches. The lengths vary depending on the diameter, mostly the lengths are 1 metre and 3 metre in metric and 3 feet to 12 feet in imperial. These sizes are just a guide and should not be taken as exact as local suppliers may not have all configurations available to them.

The thread forms when talking Allthread are metric coarse, metric fine, BSW, UNF, UNC BSF, BA, ACME and this covers the most popular thread forms.

Allthread comes in different tensile strengths, high tensile to low tensile strength including Grade 2 BSW, Grade 5 UNC and UNF, Grade 8 UNC and UNF, class 4.6 in metric, class 8.8 in metric and class 10.9 in metric.

The coating of the Allthread is either, plain, zinc plated or galvanised. The most popular materials Allthread is made of are mild steel, high tensile steel, stainless steel 304 grade, stainless steel 316 grade, brass and nylon.

Some uses of threaded rods are, for hold down bolts for the top plates in buildings in high wind or cyclone areas.

They are some times used in conjunction with turnbuckles to tension or square up frame prior to final fixing in timber and steel framed homes, cutting to length and creating a decorative double ended dome head fixing for multiple uses,

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