CDA Eastland Trade Supplies offers a wide range of construction grouts, waterproofing and curing membranes, epoxies with the Flextool range of products to assist with applying these products. CDA is an approved trade agent for Fosroc on the East Coast of Australia north of Sydney and visit sites in and around our many locations. You can browse and buy online, in one of our stores or call us for delivery. If you can't find the product you're looking for on our website please try using the search box, or contact us today and our experienced staff will be happy to help.

Subcategories of Grouts, Epoxies and sealers

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$18.55 Each
Ex Tax: $16.86
SKU: FC302020-20KG
Item #: PARCFC302020-20KG
$85.32 $76.79 Each
Ex Tax: $69.81
SKU: FD278051-19L
Item #: AVISFD278051-19L
$161.68 Each
Ex Tax: $146.98
SKU: FC302000-20KG
Item #: PARCFC302000-20KG
$104.70 $90.74 Each
Ex Tax: $82.49
SKU: FD278050-20L
Item #: AVISFD278050-20L
$171.24 Each
Ex Tax: $155.67
SKU: FD500998-20KG
Item #: AVISFD500998-20KG
$49.04 Each
Ex Tax: $44.58
Item #: ICCOBIS-HY420
$44.57 Each
Ex Tax: $40.52
SKU: FC303030-20KG
Item #: PARCFC303030-20KG
$85.32 $73.94 Each
Ex Tax: $67.22
SKU: FC644444-20L
Item #: PARCFC644444-20L
$170.89 Each
Ex Tax: $155.36
SKU: FC600909-20L
Item #: PARCFC600909-20L
$374.36 Each
Ex Tax: $340.32
SKU: FD200666-1L
Item #: AVISFD200666-1L
$60.68 Each
Ex Tax: $55.16
SKU: FC501060-20KG
Item #: PARCFC501060-20KG
$77.48 Each
Ex Tax: $70.43
SKU: 14049
$11.34 Each
Ex Tax: $10.31
SKU: FC501000-20KG
Item #: PARCFC501000-20KG
$19.90 Each
Ex Tax: $18.09
SKU: 306101
$53.01 Each
Ex Tax: $48.19
SKU: FC322070-1L
Item #: PARCFC322070-1L
$66.59 Each
Ex Tax: $60.53
SKU: FD278054-20L
Item #: AVISFD278054-20L
$162.26 Each
Ex Tax: $147.51
SKU: FC022100-1L
Item #: PARCFC022100-1L
$164.95 Each
Ex Tax: $149.96
SKU: FC000550-UNIT
Item #: PARCFC000550-UNIT
$259.65 Each
Ex Tax: $236.05
SKU: FC302030-20KG
Item #: PARCFC302030-20KG
$65.12 $62.26 Each
Ex Tax: $56.60

Grouts, Epoxies and sealers in Beresfield, Brendale (Brisbane), Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Townsville, Tuggerah and Central Coast of NSW; and Underwood (Brisbane).

CDA Eastland Trade Supplies offer delivery direct to your door throughout Australia, as well as stocking a wide selection in store at our many branch locations. Our stores are strategically located along the East Coast, specifically in Beresfield, Brendale, Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Newcastle, Townsville, Tuggerah and Central Coast of NSW; and Underwood.