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SKU: MX3-300
Item #: INOXMX3-300
$16.90 Each
Ex Tax: $15.36
SKU: MX4-300
Item #: INOXMX4-300
$20.11 Each
Ex Tax: $18.29
SKU: MX6-30
Item #: INOXMX6-30
$9.92 Each
Ex Tax: $9.02
SKU: MX8-500
Item #: INOXMX8-500
$30.99 Each
Ex Tax: $28.18
SKU: MX8-450
Item #: INOXMX8-450
$26.97 Each
Ex Tax: $24.52
Item #: INOXMX3-A
$10.12 Each
Ex Tax: $9.20
SKU: MX4G-500
Item #: INOXMX4G-500
$43.39 Each
Ex Tax: $39.45
SKU: MX3-750
Item #: INOXMX3-750
$21.58 Each
Ex Tax: $19.62
SKU: MX2-1
Item #: INOXMX2-1
$83.11 Each
Ex Tax: $75.56
SKU: MX2-92
Item #: INOXMX2-92
$11.64 Each
Ex Tax: $10.58
SKU: MX5-300
Item #: INOXMX5-300
$23.91 Each
Ex Tax: $21.74
SKU: MX11-20
Item #: INOXMX11-20
$301.17 Each
Ex Tax: $273.79
SKU: MX11-500
Item #: INOXMX11-500
$19.86 Each
Ex Tax: $18.06
SKU: MX12-175
Item #: INOXMX12-175
$29.53 Each
Ex Tax: $26.84
SKU: MX2-20
Item #: INOXMX2-20
$852.10 Each
Ex Tax: $774.64
SKU: MX2-5
Item #: INOXMX2-5
$267.57 Each
Ex Tax: $243.25
Item #: INOXMX3FG-20
$298.94 Each
Ex Tax: $271.77
SKU: MX3FG-205
Item #: INOXMX3FG-205
$2,357.96 Each
Ex Tax: $2,143.60

CDA Eastland sells high quality brands and goods from INOX.

INOX's substantial range of goods is provided by all of our 9 merchants based at Tuggerah on the Central Coast, Hamilton North and Beresfield within Hunter Region and Newcastle, Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie within the Mid North Coast, and Grafton and Maclean Valley in northern NSW. In Queensland we've the Brisbane sites. Brendale in the Northern area of Brisbane & Underwood (commonly known as Slacks Creeks or Springwood) for the Southern area, and Townsville in Northern Queensland which concludes our supply network.

Utilizing sites all up the East Coast it tends to make life much simpler onsite or even in your company's workshop.

Each of our partner companies expand the CDA Eastland group. Nepean Boltmaster maintain stores at Springvale within Melbourne, & Seven Hills and Penrith within Sydney.

In South Australia we can service Adelaide sites out of our store at Burwood. Within Mackay our team has CCT Construction Supplies where Chris & his team is able to complete any worksites between Townsville & Brisbane.

Talk to us about high-quality INOX products today.

We value each individual guest who comes to visit our web store, looks for us on social media, or gets in contact with us. Buying from CDAETS is truly risk free, you are in safe hands with us.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team members come with many decades shared practical knowledge in our marketplace, and we’re an Aussie owned business.

Should you have any kind of enquiries concerning one of the items found on our site you are more than invited to get in touch - whether by telephone, social media, or email.

CDA Eastland will offer a fast delivery each and every time. CDAETS is here to assist with your construction and industrial supply needs.

CDAETS are really delighted to be a part of Synergy Buying Group and Synergy Business Systems.