CDA Eastlands and Parchem have joined forces and are now market leaders with their Fosroc and Flextool range of products.

The Fosroc range ensures that you have the right high performance product and system for new & old concrete repair, grouts & anchors, waterproofing, joint fillers & sealants, industrial flooring, protective coatings and surface treatments.

Forsoc's Renderoc, Nitomortar, Nitofill and Nitobond ranges offer leading cementitious and epoxy mortars and primers, designed for all types of repairs and application methods. Fosroc Conbextra provides a full range of cementitious and epoxy grouts, and the waterproofing solutions include sheet and liquid applied membranes, cementitious systems, PVC and swellable waterstops, and our unique, patented Proofex Engage system. Fosroc's Nitoseal, Flamex and Thioflex ranges provide a comprehensive selection of joint fillers and sealants, and with sealers, densifiers, cementitious and resin-based flooring systems, Fosroc's Nitoflor and Cemtop ranges can provide a flooring solution for all industrial applications. The Fosroc Dekguard and Nitocote ranges provide anti-carbonation and chloride ion protection solutions, impregnating systems, and, chemical resistant protective coatings, for long term concrete protection.

Flextool has a complete range of concrete construction equipment and tools to meet all your needs from site prep to surface finishing, backed with service and maintenance support.

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$40.74 Each
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$92.17 Each
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$79.93 Each
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SKU: FC101135-UNIT
Item #: PARCFC101135-UNIT
$699.60 Each
Ex Tax: $636.00
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$156.40 Each
Ex Tax: $142.18
SKU: FC061700-15L
Item #: PARCFC061700-15L
$552.75 Each
Ex Tax: $502.50
SKU: FC042041-4L
Item #: PARCFC042041-4L
$120.78 Each
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SKU: FC702215-UNIT
Item #: PARCFC702215-UNIT
$103.87 Each
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SKU: FC702210-UNIT
Item #: PARCFC702210-UNIT
$98.84 Each
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SKU: FC700121-UNIT
Item #: PARCFC700121-UNIT
$33.47 Each
Ex Tax: $30.43
SKU: FC170326-UNIT
Item #: PARCFC170326-UNIT
$118.80 Each
Ex Tax: $108.00
SKU: FC170521-UNIT
Item #: PARCFC170521-UNIT
$39.60 Each
Ex Tax: $36.00
SKU: FC007067-UNIT
Item #: PARCFC007067-UNIT
$458.16 Each
Ex Tax: $416.51
Item #: AUSRNP7S3016-UNIT
$21.82 Each
Ex Tax: $19.84
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$10.40 Each
Ex Tax: $9.45
Item #: BLASFT15010W-UNIT
$543.61 Each
Ex Tax: $494.19

CDA Eastlands sells high-quality brands and goods from PARCHEM.

PARCHEM's huge variety of items is normally made available from all of our nine stores situated in Tuggerah and the Central Coast, Beresfield and Hamilton North within Hunter Valley and Newcastle, Port Macquarie & Coffs Harbour around the Mid North Coast of NSW, and Grafton in the Maclean Valley. In Queensland we offer our very own Brisbane sites. Underwood (often known as Slacks Creeks or Springwood) at the Southern area of Brisbane & Brendale to the North part, & Townsville in North Queensland to wrap up our supply network.

By having stores all down the East Coast it helps to make your life a lot easier onsite and even your own work space.

The partner suppliers improve the CDA Eastlands group. Nepean Boltmaster provide knowledgeable staff at Seven Hills & Penrith in Sydney, & Springvale within Melbourne.

Within South Australia we are able to service Adelaide locations through our shop in Burwood. Within Mackay, QLD you'll find CCT Construction Supplies where Chris and his team will be able to fill in the work-sites between Brisbane & Townsville.

Ask us about leading quality PARCHEM goods today.

We welcome every last customer that visits CDA Eastland Trade Supplies web store, searches for us on social media, or gets in touch. Buying from CDAETS is truly without risk, you'll be in safe hands with us.

If you've got any queries regarding any one of the products available on our web-site you're invited to get in contact - whether by e-mail, social media, or telephone.

We're an Aussie owned business, and our helpful staff members have got several decades combined practical experience in our industry.

CDA Eastland Trade Supplies can provide a prompt home delivery every time. CDA Eastland is here to assist in your industrial and construction supply needs.