LINQ Tool Lanyards

CDA Eastland has full access to the LINQ Height Safety tool lanyards.

Did you know that the second biggest killer of workers on building sites is falling objects?

It makes sense then, that tools and anything which can fall from heights should be tethered.

LINQ Height Safety has a complete range of products to secure your tools etc. and make your site safer.

The range of lanyards and methods of attachment are as varied as you can possibly get. From spanner, drills, hard hats, there is almost nothing that can’t be tethered.

There is an argument that the lanyards impede on the ability of the worker to complete his/her task efficiently, the second option is really not an option at all.

See the CDA Eastland LINQ Height Safety tool lanyard catalogue by following the link below.

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CDA and Topcon Lasers

CDA Eastland is an outlet for the Topcon range of lasers.

Position Partners are the Australian distributor of the Topcon range of lasers. Position Partners are providers of positioning and machine control solutions for surveying, civil and building works. Position Partners are the sole Australian distributor of the Topcon brand of positioning systems Other than the Topcon brand, Position Partners are suppliers of the Bentley, IDig, GlobalMapper, PLS, Magnet, Carlson and Clearedge, Agisoft, Aline, MAVinci brands. All brands are specific to specialist areas like machine control systems, mining and landfill machine guidance systems and remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS)