Why buy fasteners from CDA Eastlands in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Townsville in North Queensland?

CDA Eastlands have become your on site construction supply specialist in Queensland and NSW. Our range of adhesives and sealants, fasteners, grouts and epoxies, drills and cutting tools, hand and power tools, PPE safety gear, abrasives, cleaning and sanitary goods make our range ideal on site on in the workshop.

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Why would I use a ChemSet chemical anchor from CDA Eastlands

Chemset or chemical anchors are heavy duty adhesive based anchoring systems. ChemSet is a registered trade mark of Ramset Fasteners and has different products in the ChemSet family.

ChemSet anchors have the benefits over mechanical anchors in several key areas. ChemSet anchors aren’t expansion anchors and this allows fastening with closer edge distances, better performance in soft materials and when cartridge dispensed resins are used with the appropriate sieve or a sleeve can be used in hollow materials. Continue reading

All about precast concrete ferrules from CDA Eastland

Concrete ferrules are cast into the concrete panels to allow connections without drilling after installation. Threaded ferrules are often used for starter bars, steel connections and sometime props to hold the structures in place. The ferrules are cast in either face down or face up un the panel. If the ferrule is cast face down a ferrule locator will be required and if cast face up, a ferrule support chair will be normally used.

Concrete ferrules can be broken down into several key characteristics.

The material of the ferrule is made from solid steel or tube steel, solid steel offering the greater strength.

Solid ferrules have a thread that is drilled and then tapped where the tube ferrule is just tapped tube. There is also a course threaded ferrule that accepts a coil bolt which reduces the chance of clogged threads and increases installation time.

The solid ferrule can have a foot on the bottom of the ferrule to increase pull out loads where the tube ferrule can have a bent end. The footed ferrules have names like Qwikfoot (the old Klikfoot ferrule), Elephants foot and Big foot.

Coatings are zinc plated and hot dipped galvanised, the hot dip galvanised ferrule needs to be tapped after the plating process to clear the thread, so no coating on the inside of the ferrule. The galvanised ferrule will also have an oversized thread in most cases to accept a gal bolt.

Materials include mild steel, high tensile steel and stainless steel in several grades such as SS304 and SS316.

Don’t Dehydrate this Summer con’t

Continuing from two weeks ago,


Branch Chain Amino Acids (Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine) play an essential role in protein synthesis and muscle building as well as recovery, accounting for over a third of Essential Amino Acids.

The addition of amino acids to carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks has been shown to increase fluid retention 15% greater than carbohydrate-electrolyte-only drinks, and 40% greater than water.11

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Don’t dehydrate this summer

The warm weather is coming, prepare to be Hydrated.


Most of us think of dehydration as a summer problem. The days are longer and warmer, you’re sweating more. To compensate, you hydrate yourself with THORZT and a balanced diet. What many people don’t realise, however, is that it’s just as easy to become dehydrated in the winter. THORZT is the hydration solution for the weekday worker and the weekend warrior so it doesn’t matter if you are on a construction site, the footy field, about to ski down a mountain or sitting in an office with the air conditioner on, CDA Eastland has a THORZT product for you.

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