Sheffield Group and CDA Eastland Trade Supplies

CDA Eastland is a proud supplier of the Sheffield Group range of products.

The Sheffield Group are distributors of a huge range of tools, fasteners, cutting tools, measuring tools, abrasives etc. The known brands are Sterling, Alpha, Max Abrase, Austsaw, Euroboor, MPS and Nextorch.

Basing their product range around quality and reliability, you can be assured that if you purchase any products in the Sheffield range, you are buying quality.

The Sterling range of products cover hand tools like knives and cutters, safety knives, replacement blades, measuring tools, hammers, scrapers, snips, shears, graphic art and stationery supplies, flooring tools, staples and staples and abrasives.
The knives and cutters include retractable trimming knives, folding utility knives, fixed trimming knives, 25mm cutters, 18mm cutters, 9m cutters, multi tools, holsters and the KDS range of cutters.

The safety knife range covers self-retracting knives and cutters, carton openers, slitters and safety/emergency cutters and implements.
The replacement blades include, trimming blades, snap-off blades, scraping blades, graphic art blades, slitting blades, scalpel blades, safe disposal blades, carpet blades, OLFA blades, NT blades and KDS blades.

The measuring range covers, tape measures, open reel tapes, closed reel tapes, wheel walkers, bench and diameter tapes, rules, combination squares and measuring poles.
The hand tool range is expansive and includes, claw hammers, brick bolsters, cold chisels, wood chisels, quick clamps, spring clamps hacksaws and hacksaw blades, screw drivers, levelling and layout tools, wrenches and pliers, handsaws, deburring tools and tool bags.
The scrapers include brass button, long handle, ALLWAY scrapers and heavy duty scrapers.
The snips range is large, and the quality is excellent. The range covers snips, shears, scissors, mitre and anvil snips, aviation and tin snips, tailor’s shears, embroidery snips and general purpose scissors.

Sheffield’s graphic art supplies is a specialist area. Featuring art knives, compass and circle cutters, scalpels ,NT art knives, precision art knives, lino carving tools cutting mats, pencil cases, pencil sharpeners, rotary cutters and stationery scissors.
If you are in the market for flooring tools, here are a few examples. Carpet and lino knives, tuckers, carpet cutters, carpet shears, seam rollers, knee pads, trowels and the floor dot range.

The staples range is more than just staples. Staples guns, hammer tackers, staple removers, the Python multi function staple gun
The abrasives side of the Sterling brand is the MaxAbrase range. With cutting discs, grinding discs, flap discs, flap wheels, resin fibre discs, R type resin fibre discs, R type mini grinding discs, combo discs, flap bands and flat hand pads.

All Sheffield Group products are available through CDA Eastland Trade Supplies.




Sheffield Group and CDA Eastland Trade Supplies
Sheffield Group and CDA Eastland Trade Supplies