Why would I use a ChemSet chemical anchor from CDA Eastlands

Chemset or chemical anchors are heavy duty adhesive based anchoring systems. ChemSet is a registered trade mark of Ramset Fasteners and has different products in the ChemSet family.

ChemSet anchors have the benefits over mechanical anchors in several key areas. ChemSet anchors aren’t expansion anchors and this allows fastening with closer edge distances, better performance in soft materials and when cartridge dispensed resins are used with the appropriate sieve or a sleeve can be used in hollow materials.

Disadvantages of ChemSet or chemical anchors are

  • Application, hole preparation, cleaning and equipment is a little more than a mechanical anchor
  • Chemical anchors are not through anchors. A though anchor is the preferred anchor for any installer as you can simply put the fixture in place and drill directly into the substrate, otherwise you will need to mark out the holes, drill the holes and then install the fixture. Popular through anchors are TruBolt as the body of the anchor is the same size as the hole making it “True to its hole size”. A sleeve anchor or DynaBolt is also a through anchor but unlike the True or through bolt it has a reduced anchor body – For Example, a 10mm sleeve anchor will have a M8 thread with an expansion sleeve. Again, check your TDS for the anchors performance.

When using all masonry anchors the hole should be cleaned. Chemical anchors rely on bonding to the surface of the hole by either adhesion or mechanical bonding, so a clean hole is important. When we say mechanical bonding, we mean the adhesive needs to interlock with a rough surface. Some resins will work in smooth holes such as core drilled holes but please refer to the suppliers TDS (technical data sheet). Polyesters normally don’t perform in a smooth hole. Some chemical or Chemset will adhere to wet holes and even perform underwater, again check with the suppliers TDS or your sales representative.

Types of ChemSet or Chemical anchors

There are 4 main types of resins, Epoxy, Vinylester, Polyester and recently Hybrid resins seem to have become popular due to the high loads and short cure times. Resins are two parts so the need to be mixed. Cartridge based resins normally use a static mixing nozzle to mix the Hardener with the resin.

Tip – Always gun out enough resin to see the two parts mix together.

Glass capsule chemical anchors have resin, hardener and quartz in the capsule. A chisel stud should be used and spun to meet the manufacturers instructions. The spinning of the capsule into the hole will scour the hole helping adhesion. Chemical anchors need time to set, some resins will set faster than others

Mechanical heavy duty masonry anchors include Ramset Reid SpaTec and BraceSet, Powers PBI Powerbolt anchors, Iccons heavy duty structural anchors.

CDA Eastland offers high-quality goods from Chemset.

Chemset’s tremendous range of products & accessories is made available from our 9 merchants strategically located in Tuggerah and the Central Coast, Beresfield and Hamilton North in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley, Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour on the Mid North Coast, and in Northen NSW we Grafton. In Queensland we’ve got our very own Brisbane shops. Brendale for the North part of Brisbane & Underwood (often known as Slacks Creeks or Springwood) at the Southern area, and finally we’ve Townsville in North Queensland which concludes the supply network.

Through locations all down the East Coast of NSW it helps to make life a lot less difficult on-site or perhaps in your work shop.

Each of our partner companies improve the CDAETS network group. Nepean Boltmaster have got stores at Springvale in Melbourne, and Penrith and Seven Hills in Sydney.

Within South Australia we’re able to help Adelaide and nearby locations via our location in Burwood. In Mackay there is CCT Construction Supplies wherein Chris & his team is able to fill in any work-sites in between Brisbane and Townsville.

Why would I use a  ChemSet chemical anchor from CDA Eastlands
Why would I use a ChemSet chemical anchor from CDA Eastlands