ChemSet or chemical anchors are heavy duty adhesive based anchoring systems. ChemSet is a registered trade mark of Ramset Fasteners and relates to several different products in the ChemSet family including

•    Chemical glass capsules
•    Chemical resins and mixing nozzles
•    Sleeves, sieves and retaining collars for use or resins in hollow materials
•    Studs
•    Application tools and accessories

The ChemSet resins include

•    ChemSet 801
•    ChemSet Reo 502
•    ChemSet 502 Plus
•    ChemSet 101
•    ChemSet Maxima glass capsules
•    UltraFix Plus
•    Epcon

ChemSet anchors have the benefits over mechanical anchors in several key areas. ChemSet anchors aren’t expansion anchors and this allows fastening with closer edge distances, better performance in soft materials and when cartridge dispensed resins are used with the appropriate sieve or a sleeve can be used in hollow materials.

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