PFERD Australia has been servicing Australia for over 34 years with Australia wide service, decentralized national warehousing, technical support, product training and much more.
PFERD products offer both companies and their worker's maximum benefit and cost-effectiveness.
PFERD a core brand for the development, production, support, and distribution of surface finishing and material cutting products.
With a huge range of cutting and grinding wheels and discs. Bench grinder wheels, tool room abrasives, diamond abrasives, hand files and rasps, coated abrasives, tough burrs, carbide burrs and mounted points, wire brushes and holes saws. If it is abrasives you are after, PFERD is the name to use with recognised names as Chainsharp, Tough Burrs, Poliroll & Polico, Policap, Combidisc, Polinox, Polivlies, Policlean, Poliflex, Combiclick, Duodisc, Polifan, CC-Grind, Combitwist, Singletwist, Imperial, VSM, Alumaster & Poliscratch

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SKU: 75650763
Item #: PFER75650763
$286.00 $214.93 Each
Ex Tax: $195.40
SKU: 61341112
Item #: AWCI1251022F-PFER
$4.12 Each
Ex Tax: $3.74
SKU: 67770126
Item #: PFER67770126
$6.42 Each
Ex Tax: $5.83
SKU: 67770128
Item #: PFER67770128
$6.42 Each
Ex Tax: $5.83
SKU: 75485211
Item #: PFER75485211
$5.05 $4.01 Each
Ex Tax: $3.64
SKU: 67770124
Item #: ADFZ12522G040FGPPFER
$6.89 Each
Ex Tax: $6.26
SKU: 44890090
Item #: PFER44890090
$35.66 $22.01 Each
Ex Tax: $20.01
SKU: 61340412
Item #: AWCI1151022FPRPFER
$4.12 Each
Ex Tax: $3.74
SKU: 47200037
Item #: PFER47200037
$3.05 Each
Ex Tax: $2.77
SKU: 61728231
Item #: PFER61728231
$10.22 Each
Ex Tax: $9.29
SKU: 67768100
Item #: PFER67768100
$6.73 Each
Ex Tax: $6.11
SKU: 66323574
Item #: PFER66323574
$14.12 Each
Ex Tax: $12.83
SKU: 69121043
Item #: AWCI1001016FPRPFER
$4.12 Each
Ex Tax: $3.74
SKU: 69121029
Item #: PFER69121029
$4.25 Each
Ex Tax: $3.86
SKU: 64193108
Item #: PFER64193108
$9.95 Each
Ex Tax: $9.04
SKU: 61341122
Item #: AWCI1251622F-PFER
$7.07 Each
Ex Tax: $6.43
SKU: 43673003
Item #: PFER43673003
$12.34 Each
Ex Tax: $11.21
SKU: 47600070
Item #: PFER47600070
$24.93 Each
Ex Tax: $22.66
SKU: 47800135
Item #: PFER47800135
$28.43 Each
Ex Tax: $25.85
SKU: 67770114
Item #: PFER67770114
$6.02 Each
Ex Tax: $5.47
SKU: 47200036
Item #: PFER47200036
$3.05 Each
Ex Tax: $2.77
SKU: 47200082
Item #: PFER47200082
$18.97 Each
Ex Tax: $17.24
SKU: 61719010
Item #: PFER61719010
$4.37 Each
Ex Tax: $3.97
SKU: 43305002
Item #: PFER43305002
$30.70 Each
Ex Tax: $27.91
SKU: 68300050
Item #: PFER68300050
$42.61 Each
Ex Tax: $38.74
SKU: 64203125
Item #: PFER64203125
$2.73 Each
Ex Tax: $2.48
SKU: 67764100
Item #: PFER67764100
$6.73 Each
Ex Tax: $6.11
SKU: 75600899
Item #: PFER75600899
$9.31 Each
Ex Tax: $8.47
SKU: 43106001
Item #: PFER43106001
$18.97 Each
Ex Tax: $17.24
SKU: 75601308
Item #: PFER75601308
$52.31 Each
Ex Tax: $47.56
SKU: 75601311
Item #: PFER75601311
$52.31 Each
Ex Tax: $47.56
SKU: 67770118
Item #: PFER67770118
$6.02 Each
Ex Tax: $5.47
SKU: 44692725
Item #: PFER44692725
$29.75 Each
Ex Tax: $27.04
SKU: 42821508
Item #: PFER42821508
$13.74 Each
Ex Tax: $12.50
SKU: 47200083
Item #: PFER47200083
$18.97 Each
Ex Tax: $17.24
SKU: 61719021
Item #: PFER61719021
$4.61 Each
Ex Tax: $4.19
SKU: 75482476
Item #: PFER75482476
$5.05 Each
Ex Tax: $4.59
SKU: 43740111
Item #: PFER43740111
$19.54 Each
Ex Tax: $17.77
SKU: 64187125
Item #: PFER64187125
$11.07 Each
Ex Tax: $10.06

CDA Eastland Trade Supplies provides quality products and brands from PFERD.

PFERD's tremendous number of goods is offered by our nine shops strategically located at Tuggerah on the Central Coast, Beresfield and Hamilton North within Hunter Valley & Newcastle, Port Macquarie & Coffs Harbour in the Mid North Coast of NSW, and Grafton & Maclean Valley. In Queensland we offer our very own Brisbane shops. Brendale in the Northern side of Brisbane and Underwood (also referred to as Slacks Creeks or Springwood) at the South part, & Townsville in Northern Queensland which wraps up our supply network.

By way of sites all down the East Coast of NSW and Queensland it will make your life much easier onsite or even in your workplace.

All of our sister businesses add to the CDA Eastlands network. Nepean Boltmaster have got experienced staff at Penrith and Seven Hills within Sydney, & Springvale in Melbourne.

Around South Australia we're in a position to service Adelaide areas via our store in Burwood. Within Mackay, QLD we now have CCT Construction Supplies where Chris and his team can supply the gaps around Townsville & Brisbane.

Enquire about outstanding PFERD products today.

We value each individual potential customer that comes to visit our internet store, searches for us on social media, or gets in touch. You're in safe hands buying from CDAETS.

We're an Australian owned company, and our friendlyand knowledgeable team members come with quite a few decades combined knowledge about our business.

In case you have any kind of questions regarding any one of the items available on our web-site you are more than encouraged to get in contact - whether by email, telephone, or social media.

CDAETS will be here to support you in your construction and industrial supply needs. CDAETS can provide a rapid home delivery all the time.

CDA Eastland are really delighted to be a part of the Synergy Buying Group and Synergy Business Systems.