Look after your environment around the worksite.

Around every worksite there are usually drains which inevitably lead to waterways.

Using Drain Wardens can stop the inflow of contaminants into these waterways.

What is a Drain Warden?

The Drain Warden is an economical fabric gross pollutant trap. It filters leaf litter, rubbish, coarse sediment, surface oil and grease from run off water and traps contaminants headed into the stormwater system.

Where is it used?

The Drain Warden is installed under the grate of a stormwater pit in places such as: Car parks, delivery docks, service areas, industrial plants, driveways etc.

See the video on how simple the drain warden is put in place.

The PPE Bucket is now available!!

Currently at CDA Eastland, we are running a promotion on the complete PPE Bucket.

The bucket is a 20 Litre PVC bucket filled with PPE products which will cover just about all the needs on site,

The bucket contains: A white 6 point vented hard hat. Snap on plastic hard hat brim, hard hat chin strap, head band style ear plugs with bonus replacement plugs Class 2 14db, 6 packs of corded reusable ear plugs with carry case class 3 18db, basic ear muffs if ear plugs are not for you, a box of 20 P2 disposable dust masks, 6 pairs of synthetic disposable gloves, a 12 gram SPF 50 sunscreen lip balm, a 125ml tube of SPF 50 sunscreen , 3 pairs of clear safety specs, 3 pairs of tinted safety specs, and a pair of Pro Safety Polarised safety specs with a bonus specs pouch.

The ProSafe polarised specs have a RRP of $65.00, so the rest of the goods are at a bargain price.

So if you are starting out in the building/construction trades, this kit will cover just about all of your PPE needs as a start up kit.

All of the above at the bargain price of $150.00 incl GST.

This offer is only whilst stock last.

To order this bucket, email sales@cdaets.com.au or call one of our branches 1300 CDA ETS

LINQ Tool Lanyards

CDA Eastland has full access to the LINQ Height Safety tool lanyards.

Did you know that the second biggest killer of workers on building sites is falling objects?

It makes sense then, that tools and anything which can fall from heights should be tethered.

LINQ Height Safety has a complete range of products to secure your tools etc. and make your site safer.

The range of lanyards and methods of attachment are as varied as you can possibly get. From spanner, drills, hard hats, there is almost nothing that can’t be tethered.

There is an argument that the lanyards impede on the ability of the worker to complete his/her task efficiently, the second option is really not an option at all.

See the CDA Eastland LINQ Height Safety tool lanyard catalogue by following the link below.

If you want to shop for LINQ tool lanyards, see the link below,