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SKU: 60440229270
Item #: 3M60440229270
$6.77 Each
Ex Tax: $6.15
SKU: 62494349210
Item #: 3M6294349210
$39.94 Each
Ex Tax: $36.31
SKU: AT010582875
Item #: 3MAT010582875
$140.86 Each
Ex Tax: $128.06
SKU: UU001601515
Item #: 3MUU001601515
$14.22 Each
Ex Tax: $12.93
SKU: 70006288412
Item #: 3M70006288412
$12.38 Each
Ex Tax: $11.25
SKU: AT019301038
Item #: 3MAT019301038
$79.45 Each
Ex Tax: $72.23
SKU: 70006288404
Item #: 3M70006288404
$7.85 Each
Ex Tax: $7.14
SKU: 70006288438
Item #: 3M70006288438
$24.17 Each
Ex Tax: $21.98
SKU: XA010017854
Item #: 3MXA010017854
$93.26 Each
Ex Tax: $84.78
SKU: AN010558409
Item #: 3MAN010558409
$28.68 Each
Ex Tax: $26.07
SKU: 70008000955
Item #: 3M70008000955
$76.95 Each
Ex Tax: $69.96
SKU: 60455067029
Item #: 3M60455067029
$14.33 Each
Ex Tax: $13.03
SKU: 61500291804
Item #: 3M61500291804
$8.54 Each
Ex Tax: $7.76
SKU: AS010418940
Item #: 3MAS010418940
$22.84 Each
Ex Tax: $20.77
SKU: 60455035216
Item #: 3M60455035216
$4.00 Each
Ex Tax: $3.64
SKU: TI551152299
Item #: 3MTI551152299
$16.19 Each
Ex Tax: $14.72
SKU: XC003410120
Item #: 3MXC003410120
$15.59 Each
Ex Tax: $14.18
SKU: XA007702658
Item #: 3MXA007702658
$48.91 Each
Ex Tax: $44.46
SKU: 70071730546
Item #: PELTH7B
$52.42 Each
Ex Tax: $47.66
SKU: UU001537107
Item #: 3MUU001537107
$6.10 Each
Ex Tax: $5.55
SKU: 70006246543
Item #: 3M70006246543
$4.88 Each
Ex Tax: $4.43
SKU: XA007702674
Item #: 3MXA007702674
$48.91 Each
Ex Tax: $44.46
SKU: AT010582883
Item #: 3MAT010582883
$160.95 Each
Ex Tax: $146.32
SKU: 70071486214
Item #: 3M70071486214
$36.19 Each
Ex Tax: $32.90
SKU: 61500051653
Item #: 3M61500051653
$98.71 Each
Ex Tax: $89.74
SKU: 61500141736
Item #: 3M61500141736
$3.16 Each
Ex Tax: $2.87
SKU: XC003410047
Item #: 3MXC003410047
$27.44 Each
Ex Tax: $24.95
SKU: 70071730553
Item #: PELTH7A
$50.40 Each
Ex Tax: $45.82
SKU: AR019289784
Item #: 3MAR019289784
$105.64 Each
Ex Tax: $96.03
SKU: GC801062768
Item #: 3MGC801062768
$2.65 Each
Ex Tax: $2.41
SKU: 70071486222
Item #: 3MUU006790313
$30.49 Each
Ex Tax: $27.72
SKU: AS010623457
Item #: 3MAUAS010623457
$116.36 Each
Ex Tax: $105.78
SKU: 61500291507
Item #: 3M61500291507
$17.98 Each
Ex Tax: $16.34
SKU: 70006288396
Item #: 3M70006288396
$7.54 Each
Ex Tax: $6.85
SKU: XA006702014
Item #: 3MXA006702014
$1.48 Each
Ex Tax: $1.34
SKU: AT019439689
Item #: 3MAT019439689
$24.63 Each
Ex Tax: $22.39
SKU: XA009101057
Item #: 3MXA009101057
$14.16 Each
Ex Tax: $12.87
SKU: UU004899728
Item #: 3MUU004899728
$1.17 Each
Ex Tax: $1.07

CDA Eastland provides leading quality items and brands from 3M.

3M's extensive array of products is usually available from our nine merchants operating at Tuggerah and the Central Coast, Hamilton North and Beresfield in the Newcastle & Hunter Region, Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie in the Mid North Coast, and Maclean Valley & Grafton in northern NSW. In Queensland we've got our very own Brisbane stores. Underwood (otherwise known as Slacks Creeks or Springwood) at the South region of Brisbane and Brendale by the North region, & finally there is Townsville in Northern Queensland which concludes the supply network.

Having shops all up the East Coast of NSW and Queensland it makes your life much simpler on-site and in your own work space.

The sister businesses expand the CDA Eastland Trade Supplies network group. Nepean Boltmaster has locations at Springvale in Melbourne, & Penrith & Seven Hills in Sydney.

In South Australia we're able to service Adelaide sites through our location in Burwood. In Mackay we now have CCT Construction Supplies where Chris and his team can supply any towns connecting Brisbane and Townsville.

Buy quality 3M items today.

CDA Eastland Trade Supplies pleasant staff members have quite a few decades combined experience in our marketplace, and we’re an Australian owned business.

If you've any type of questions or concerns regarding some of the items on our web site you're encouraged to get in contact - whether by telephone, online chat, or e-mail.

We welcome each customer who comes to visit our stores, searches for us on social media, or gets in touch. You're always in safe hands shopping from CDA Eastland Trade Supplies.

CDAETS is here now to support you in your construction and industrial specifications. CDA Eastland Trade Supplies offers a rapid home delivery on every occasion.

CDA Eastland Trade Supplies are proud to be a part of the Synergy Buying Group.