Robert Bosch Tool Corporation is a world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of power tools, rotary and oscillating tools, power tool accessories, laser and optical leveling devices, and range finding tools. 

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services.

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SKU: 2608603470
Item #: BOSC2608603470
$20.44 Each
Ex Tax: $18.58
SKU: 2608603467
Item #: BOSC2608603467
$18.32 Each
Ex Tax: $16.65
SKU: 2608603464
Item #: BOSC2608603464
$14.23 Each
Ex Tax: $12.94
SKU: 2608654981
Item #: BOSC2608654981
$45.28 Each
Ex Tax: $41.16
SKU: 2608656043
Item #: BOSC2608656043
$29.10 Each
Ex Tax: $26.45
SKU: 1600A016GK
Item #: BOSC1600A016GK
$231.71 Each
Ex Tax: $210.65
SKU: 2608605071
Item #: BOSC2608605071
$6.88 Each
Ex Tax: $6.26
SKU: 0601394041
Item #: BOSC0601394041
$104.75 Each
Ex Tax: $95.23
SKU: 2608650617
Item #: BOSC2608650617
$27.42 Each
Ex Tax: $24.92
SKU: 2608644564
Item #: BOSC2608644564
$31.98 Each
Ex Tax: $29.07
SKU: 2608621767
Item #: BOSC2608621767
$7.15 Each
Ex Tax: $6.50
SKU: 0615990M5C
Item #: BOSC0615990M5C
$249.00 Each
Ex Tax: $226.36
SKU: 2608656037
Item #: BOSC2608656037
$17.25 Each
Ex Tax: $15.68
SKU: 2608656039
Item #: BOSC2608656039
$15.61 Each
Ex Tax: $14.19
SKU: 2608657409
Item #: BOSC2608657409
$59.79 Each
Ex Tax: $54.35
SKU: 2608651780
Item #: BOSC2608651780
$23.57 Each
Ex Tax: $21.43
SKU: 2608619264
Item #: BOSC2608619264
$3.20 Each
Ex Tax: $2.91
SKU: 2608605069
Item #: BOSC2608605069
$6.88 Each
Ex Tax: $6.26
SKU: 1600A016GB
Item #: BOSC1600A016GB
$171.00 Each
Ex Tax: $155.46
SKU: 2608668644
Item #: BOSC2608668644
$14.00 Each
Ex Tax: $12.73
SKU: 1600A001Z9
Item #: BOSC1600A001Z9
$171.00 Each
Ex Tax: $155.46
SKU: 2608605068
Item #: BOSC2608605068
$6.88 Each
Ex Tax: $6.26
SKU: 2608664916
Item #: BOSC2608664916
$33.70 Each
Ex Tax: $30.63
SKU: 0615990M5D
Item #: BOSC0615990M5D
$799.00 Each
Ex Tax: $726.36
SKU: 1600A016GU
Item #: BOSC1600A016GU
$302.54 Each
Ex Tax: $275.03
SKU: 06019F5140
Item #: BOSC06019F5140
$132.74 Each
Ex Tax: $120.67
SKU: 2608651821
Item #: BOSC2608651821
$12.32 Each
Ex Tax: $11.20
SKU: 2608578631
Item #: BOSC2608578631
$94.23 Each
Ex Tax: $85.67
SKU: 2608644571
Item #: BOSC2608644571
$31.98 Each
Ex Tax: $29.07
SKU: 0615990M56
Item #: BOSC0615990M56
$1,999.00 Each
Ex Tax: $1,817.27
SKU: 1600A01U9P
Item #: BOSC1600A01U9P
$278.48 Each
Ex Tax: $253.17
SKU: 0615990L8M
Item #: BOSC0615990L8M
$178.99 Each
Ex Tax: $162.72
SKU: 0601394040
Item #: BOSC0601394040
$94.17 Each
Ex Tax: $85.61
SKU: 2608656038
Item #: BOSC2608656038
$16.65 Each
Ex Tax: $15.14
SKU: 2608578632
Item #: BOSC2608578632
$120.96 Each
Ex Tax: $109.97

CDA Eastlands offers quality brands and items from BOSCH.

BOSCH's huge variety of items is often available from all of our nine merchants located in Tuggerah on the Central Coast, Beresfield and Hamilton North within the Newcastle and Hunter Valley, Coffs Harbour & Port Macquarie in the Mid North Coast, and Maclean Valley & Grafton. In Queensland you'll find our Brisbane sites. Brendale by the North area of Brisbane & Underwood (often known as Springwood or Slacks Creeks) in the Southern part, & Townsville in North Queensland to wrap up our supply network.

Having stores all down the East Coast of Queensland and NSW it can make life a lot easier on-site as well as your company's work space.

Each of our sister businesses further the CDA Eastland network. Nepean Boltmaster have got shops at Seven Hills & Penrith within Sydney, & Springvale within Melbourne.

When it comes to South Australia we are able to service Adelaide locations out of our location at Burwood. Within Mackay we offer CCT Construction Supplies where Chris & his staff will be able to supply any work-sites around Townsville & Brisbane.

Talk to us about leading quality BOSCH items today.

We appreciate every customer that visits CDA Eastlands internet store, looks for us on social media, or gets in contact. Youre in safe hands purchasing with CDA Eastland Trade Supplies.

Should you have any kind of questions or concerns regarding any of the products seen on our web site you are more than encouraged to make contact - whether by email, telephone, or online chat.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff hold several decades of professional knowledge about our marketplace, and additionally we’re an Aussie owned and operated company.

CDA Eastland can provide a rapid home delivery every time. CDA Eastland Trade Supplies will be here to support you with each of your industrial requirements.

CDA Eastlands are pleased to be a part of Synergy Business Systems and Synergy Buying Group.