Sika Group is a Swiss specialty chemical company that supplies to the building sector and motor vehicle industry, headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. The company develops and produces systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting. Currently, it has over 25,000 employees, subsidiaries in more than 100 countries

Sika was founded in 1910 when Kaspar Winkler laid the cornerstone for the firm. Winkler worked himself up from poverty to become a successful entrepreneur, and by the 1920s he was already engaged in founding subsidiaries abroad.

Besides the brand Sika, more than 900 product brands are in use including;

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SKU: 551003
Item #: SIKA551003
$13.33 Each
Ex Tax: $12.12
SKU: 500693
Item #: SIKA500693
$169.61 Each
Ex Tax: $154.19
SKU: 592047
Item #: SIKA592047
$246.76 Each
Ex Tax: $224.33
SKU: 502109
Item #: SIKA502109
$27.71 Each
Ex Tax: $25.19
Item #: SIKAKC330PR
$191.80 Each
Ex Tax: $174.37
SKU: KC330/10
Item #: SIKAKC330/10
$551.87 Each
Ex Tax: $501.70
SKU: KC340/65
Item #: SIKAKC340/65
$629.76 Each
Ex Tax: $572.51
SKU: 167639
Item #: SIKA167639
$416.60 Each
Ex Tax: $378.72
SKU: 485888
Item #: SIKA485888
$192.32 Each
Ex Tax: $174.83
SKU: 500842
Item #: SIKA500842
$270.52 Each
Ex Tax: $245.93
SKU: 411335
Item #: SIKA411335
$18.13 Each
Ex Tax: $16.48
SKU: 668800
Item #: SIKA668800
$86.11 Each
Ex Tax: $78.28
SKU: 417302
Item #: SIKA417302
$58.54 Each
Ex Tax: $53.22
SKU: 123264
Item #: SIKA123264
$53.96 Each
Ex Tax: $49.06
SKU: 91799
Item #: SIKA91799
$42.05 Each
Ex Tax: $38.23
SKU: 530695
Item #: SIKA530695
$169.90 Each
Ex Tax: $154.46
SKU: 406612
Item #: SIKA406612
$4,142.54 Each
Ex Tax: $3,765.95
SKU: 456299
Item #: SIKA456299
$1,613.39 Each
Ex Tax: $1,466.72
SKU: 529468
Item #: SIKA529468
$43.83 Each
Ex Tax: $39.84
SKU: 480543
Item #: SIKA480543
$112.48 Each
Ex Tax: $102.26
SKU: 480541
Item #: SIKA480541
$128.43 Each
Ex Tax: $116.76
SKU: 411333
Item #: SIKA411333
$340.35 Each
Ex Tax: $309.41
SKU: 411334
Item #: SIKA411334
$314.67 Each
Ex Tax: $286.06
SKU: 502995
Item #: SIKA502995
$5.23 Each
Ex Tax: $4.75
SKU: 493040
Item #: SIKA493040
$45.96 Each
Ex Tax: $41.78
SKU: 117570
Item #: SIKA117570
$45.04 Each
Ex Tax: $40.95
SKU: 60080
Item #: SIKA60080
$13.48 Each
Ex Tax: $12.26
SKU: 497844
Item #: SIKA497844
$34.99 Each
Ex Tax: $31.81
SKU: 60088
Item #: SIKA60088
$14.78 Each
Ex Tax: $13.43
SKU: 498291
Item #: SIKA498291
$47.16 Each
Ex Tax: $42.87
SKU: 511677
Item #: SIKA511677
$354.34 Each
Ex Tax: $322.12
SKU: 501115
Item #: SIKA501115
$35.13 Each
Ex Tax: $31.93
SKU: 469890
Item #: SIKA469890
$9.47 Each
Ex Tax: $8.61
SKU: 53927/POA
Item #: SIKA53927
$10,999,998.90 Each
Ex Tax: $9,999,999.00
SKU: 54173/POA
Item #: SIKA54173
$10,999,998.90 Each
Ex Tax: $9,999,999.00
SKU: 5712/POA
Item #: SIKA5712
$10,999,998.90 Each
Ex Tax: $9,999,999.00
SKU: 5713/POA
Item #: SIKA5713
$10,999,998.90 Each
Ex Tax: $9,999,999.00
SKU: 54170/POA
Item #: SIKA54170
$10,999,998.90 Each
Ex Tax: $9,999,999.00
SKU: 411944/POA
Item #: SIKA411944
$10,999,998.90 Each
Ex Tax: $9,999,999.00
SKU: 5714/POA
Item #: SIKA5714
$10,999,998.90 Each
Ex Tax: $9,999,999.00
SKU: 411943/POA
Item #: SIKA411943
$10,999,998.90 Each
Ex Tax: $9,999,999.00

CDA Eastland sells high-quality items and brands from SIKA.

SIKA's considerable variety of goods is sold by our whole 9 merchants strategically located at Tuggerah and the Central Coast, Beresfield and Hamilton North within Hunter Valley & Newcastle, Port Macquarie & Coffs Harbour within the Mid North Coast of NSW, and Grafton and Maclean Valley. In Queensland our company has our very own Brisbane stores. Underwood (commonly known as Springwood or Slacks Creeks) around the Southern area of Brisbane and Brendale located on the North area, & finally Townsville in Northern Queensland which concludes the supply network.

By way of shops all up the East Coast of Queensland and NSW it can make your life less difficult onsite or perhaps in your work shop.

The sister companies add to the CDA Eastlands organization. Nepean Boltmaster offer locations at Penrith & Seven Hills within Sydney, and Springvale in Melbourne.

Throughout South Australia we are able to supply Adelaide sites from our location at Burwood. At Mackay our team has CCT Construction Supplies where Chris & his team will complete the gaps connecting Townsville and Brisbane.

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