Soudal, is Europe's leading independent manufacturer of sealants, expanding foams and adhesives. With an ever-expanding foot print in Australia Soudal offer innovative products and provide solutions to most bonding, sealing, waterproofing and jointing applications. Soudal's three main market segments are construction, industrial and DIY. With brand names such as T-Rex, Xtreme, Soudabond, Soudafix, SMX, FixAll the range is extensive. Soudal products are forever being invented and refined and as a result, only the best quality products are available in the Soudal range.

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SKU: 124435
Item #: SOUD124435
$20.17 Each
Ex Tax: $18.33
SKU: 121968
Item #: SOUD121968
$20.17 Each
Ex Tax: $18.33
SKU: 121969
Item #: SOUD121969
$24.81 Each
Ex Tax: $22.55
SKU: 121970
Item #: SOUD121970
$20.17 Each
Ex Tax: $18.33
SKU: 127779
Item #: SOUD127779
$13.39 Each
Ex Tax: $12.17
SKU: 128371
Item #: SOUD128371
$22.94 $19.90 Each
Ex Tax: $18.09
SKU: 121662
Item #: SOUD121662
$19.63 Each
Ex Tax: $17.85
SKU: 222601
Item #: SOUD222601
$20.25 Each
Ex Tax: $18.41
SKU: 130373
Item #: SOUD130373
$23.62 $19.90 Each
Ex Tax: $18.09
SKU: 127507
Item #: SOUD127507
$33.96 Each
Ex Tax: $30.87
SKU: 135623
Item #: SOUD135623
$11.32 Each
Ex Tax: $10.29
SKU: 131478
Item #: SOUD131478
$13.12 Each
Ex Tax: $11.93
SKU: 119704
Item #: SOUD119704
$14.03 Each
Ex Tax: $12.75
SKU: 130243
Item #: SOUD130243
$16.89 Each
Ex Tax: $15.35
SKU: 134553
Item #: SOUD134553
$76.29 Each
Ex Tax: $69.35
SKU: 132272
Item #: SOUD132272
$16.89 Each
Ex Tax: $15.35
SKU: 110327
Item #: SOUD110327
$24.65 Each
Ex Tax: $22.41
SKU: 134841
Item #: SOUD134841
$22.94 Each
Ex Tax: $20.85
SKU: 124598
Item #: SOUD124598
$19.58 Each
Ex Tax: $17.80
SKU: 134842
Item #: SOUD134842
$22.94 Each
Ex Tax: $20.85
SKU: 124617
Item #: SOUD124617
$22.12 Each
Ex Tax: $20.11
SKU: 108289
Item #: SOUD108289
$33.72 Each
Ex Tax: $30.66
SKU: 127785
Item #: SOUD127785
$17.01 Each
Ex Tax: $15.47
SKU: 152771
Item #: SOUD152771
$15.37 Each
Ex Tax: $13.97
SKU: 152769
Item #: SOUD152769
$15.37 Each
Ex Tax: $13.97
SKU: 113551
Item #: SOUD113551
$29.52 Each
Ex Tax: $26.84
SKU: 119708
Item #: SOUD119708
$12.90 Each
Ex Tax: $11.73
SKU: 134912
Item #: SOUD134912
$25.59 Each
Ex Tax: $23.27
SKU: 222517
Item #: SOUD222517
$58.12 Each
Ex Tax: $52.84
SKU: 144898
Item #: SOUD144898
$6.28 Each
Ex Tax: $5.71
SKU: 119706
Item #: SOUD119706
$15.59 Each
Ex Tax: $14.17
SKU: 132675
Item #: SOUD132675
$18.38 Each
Ex Tax: $16.71
SKU: 119354
Item #: SOUD119354
$16.38 Each
Ex Tax: $14.89
SKU: 108762
Item #: SOUD108762
$10.78 Each
Ex Tax: $9.80

CDA Eastland Trade Supplies sells leading quality brands and items from SOUDAL.

SOUDAL's substantial selection of goods is sold by all nine shops strategically located in Tuggerah on the Central Coast, Beresfield and Hamilton North in the Newcastle & Hunter Region, Coffs Harbour & Port Macquarie within the Mid North Coast, and Grafton in the Maclean Valley in northern NSW. In Queensland we've the Brisbane shops. Underwood (also known as Slacks Creeks or Springwood) around the South region of Brisbane & Brendale in the Northern region, & Townsville in Northern Queensland to wrap up the supply network.

Due to sites all up the East Coast of NSW and Queensland it can make life easier on-site as well as your work space.

The sister suppliers further the CDAETS network group. Nepean Boltmaster have experienced staff at Seven Hills and Penrith in Sydney, and Springvale in Melbourne.

Within South Australia we are able to help Adelaide locations through our shop at Burwood. At Mackay our team has CCT Construction Supplies wherein Chris will fill in any gaps connecting Brisbane & Townsville.

Enquire about high-quality SOUDAL products today.

If you've got just about any queries regarding any of the items available on our site you are more than encouraged to make contact - either by e-mail, online chat, or telephone.

We're an Australian owned business, and our pleasantand knowledgeable team members hold quite a few decades of professional expertise about our business.

We appreciate every last potential customer that visits CDA Eastlands internet store, looks for us on social networks, or gets in contact with us. You are always in safe hands purchasing from CDA Eastland.

CDA Eastland is here to assist with all your construction requirements. CDAETS offers a rapid worksite delivery all the time.

CDA Eastlands are really proud to be a part of Synergy Business Systems.